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Oh my goodness this place is heaven when your favorite food is popcorn! 😍😍 Love love love it. And they ship!
Samantha Davis
23:19 04 Feb 20
Popcorn Paradise! If you love popcorn this is the place. Many different flavors and new ones coming all the time. Ask one of the friendly popcorn experts for a sample, there are tons to choose more
David Barnett
21:53 20 Dec 19
Super friendly owner and staff. Try all you want of the super yummy popcorn. Decent prices too.
Sarah Steel
18:56 23 Nov 19
OMG! Why have I not noticed this place sooner?!?! Where to start? The location on a popular street. The selection? They had flavors I hadn't even thought possible that taste exactly like the name! The customer service? I think I may have a new God-mother ro invite to my wedding because the woman who helped, made me feel love I was in my mother's kitchen harassing her for samples. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Will definitely be back and definitely more
To J
00:12 11 Nov 19
We live in Tennessee and our son goes to college outside of Chicago. We plan our drives for visits to where we make sure they'll be open when we drive through. Great staff and amazing flavors of more
Charles Daniels
03:07 14 Oct 19
Oh my goodness, they literally have more than 50 flavors of popcorn here, and you can try every one of them, if you want. We tasted about a dozen before we decided on two. It is a little pricey though. Just under $10.00 for 2 mini bags. But it was fun & a treat. I have not seen anything like this before in all my travels. If your near Merrillville, IN you should take a few minutes & pop in!read more
Suzi Noble
16:28 17 Sep 19
We (my wife and I) 1st tried this place about 3 years ago. It was great then and it is still great now!!! The wide array of flavors to choose from can be a bit overwhelming at times. But, the staff there always allows you to try any flavor that might catch your eye. The 1st time we went, we were probably trying different flavors for about 30 minutes. I know that may seem like a long time, but once you see how many flavors they offer, you'll understand. The flavors can range from traditional cheese popcorn or butter popcorn to something as wild as Crab Legs or even Key Lime Pie!!! Today it seemed like they had even more flavors than the last time 😯 Even though it's a bit of a distance from where we live, it's well worth the journey. We recommend the White Gold and the Dill Pickle 😋😋😋 Enjoy!!!read more
Byron Suggs
06:08 15 Sep 19
We had a popcorn bar for our daughters wedding. Absolutely was phenomenal.. The service and display was just incredible.. I can’t thank you enough for adding such a elegant touch to our special day !! Thank you bunches 🍿 👏read more
Pam Runyon
20:26 07 Sep 19
Great product and great service! Stopped on the way up to Chicago and was so impressed we stopped again on the way back! Angelia and Nick were beyond friendly and went out of there way to provide top notch service to me and my friends. See you next trip!read more
Roxana Holland
21:48 25 Aug 19
They let you sample the flavors and they had 130 available the day I was there!! Dill pickle was my favorite with lemon coming in at a close second. I will be back. I bought 6 flavors my first time here!!read more
Mae Wallace
00:25 25 Jul 19
Nice specialty store.All the different flavors of popcorn you could imagine to dream up.If toy are in the area you definitely should check it out!read more
Drew Young
00:51 02 Jul 19
We must have sampled 20 different varieties of popcorn and yet we didn't even scratch the surface. My favorite so far is the key lime. We'll be coming back again to try more
Mike Swank
00:27 01 Jul 19
Place is awesome. Staff is super friendly and patient. So many options!
Bobby Burkeen
17:49 28 Jun 19
First I have to mention the Young Lady behind the counter! She was so friendly and warm and inviting! She was very patient with us allowing us to try many flavors and suggesting ones too based off what we asked for! And now for the popcorn and flavors! Popcorn was crispy and the flavor was absolutely the flavor you wanted! Thank you so much for a clean and inviting and delicious experience! We will for sure be back!read more
Kala Weldy
17:24 28 Jun 19
I worked with the company to create a popcorn table for my wedding! The owner was wonderful with letting us do a tasting and did a great job with the flavors! Everyone loved the popcorn and could not get enough! She also had beautiful accessories we were able to incorporate for the event, not to mention the service was wonderful! I can not speak highly enough of this business! Even a last minute change was easily done with this company! They are the best!!read more
Rebecca Lee
21:55 19 Jun 19
Fun place! If you like popcorn, this is a place you should not miss.
Laura Clingman
14:28 04 Jun 19
I enjoyed making a stop at the Chicagoland Popcorn Merrillville Store. After visiting the Candy Store across the street, I had advice to make sure I stop at the popcorn store so I did. The popcorn store had every kind of flavor of popcorn that you can think of. Some examples are blue cheese, white chocolate macadamia nut, amish basic, crab, theater - you name it they have it. The next day happened to be mother's day so I decided to make a purchase and give it for a gift. The store allows you to taste any popcorn so you know if you like it before you buy it. They serve a taste on a clean napkin at the counter. I decided to buy 3 different kinds and I asked if they would add ribbons on the packages since I was giving as a gift. The really nice counter person said of course and took her time to make 3 beautiful packages with different color ribbons and curled it and made it look nice. There was no charge for the service although I noticed a tip jar on the counter so I put a tip in it. Great for a snack if you are traveling on the highway more
Dee Jay
16:36 02 Jun 19
They have all flavor popcorn you can think of even crab leg🤢
Lynn Byrd
11:45 28 May 19
Omg this is a very cool place. They have every flavor you can imagine even a bunch of sweet flavors. My husband and I bought baffalo style and cinnamon toast flavor. They were both amazing. Im so glad we stopped and checked it more
Kelly Stirling
18:53 21 May 19
I only go here once in a while. Reason? IT'S ADDICTIVE!! If you go in (Across from Albanese) ask to sample. They have oodles of flavors. The Birthday cake popcorn is my Granddaughter's favorite! They also make gift baskets, with a smile!!read more
Karen Ruehl
05:01 28 Apr 19
Lots of flavors, friendly service. Located across the highway from the Albanese candy store. Plan plenty of time to taste, decide, and get your order more
Pam Dykehouse
18:42 13 Apr 19
The popcorn varieties at this place are amazing.. you get to try whatever you want. Staff is super knowledgeable and helpful. Go during the week, this place can get really busy. Love this popcorn!read more
Amanda Salgado
15:17 27 Mar 19
Great, and friendly customer service. Delicious product. Highly recommended for the "not so ordinary" sweet and/ or salty snack. A "must try"read more
Sandra Gill
01:49 04 Mar 19
Great place had a good time and fair deals. Walked out with enough popcorn to go into a sugar coma can wait to come back. Was excited to found out they ship too!!read more
Scott Bernecker
19:16 03 Mar 19
Amazing selection of popcorn flavors 250!!The staff was very friendly and quick to offer you a sample of the unique flavors and traditional flavored cheese , movie buttered,plain flavors !!read more
lara golix
03:38 24 Feb 19
More than 240 all popcorn Is good and you can mix your favorite flavors best popcorn place ever
Xavier Mitchell
05:29 17 Feb 19
Great Place for all your popcorn flavors. They have an awesome variety and you can taste their products before you buy it. I will be back for more. Hooked on that Carmel Sea more
Ingrid Fogle
20:11 03 Jan 19
My cousin got me loving this place. The staff are customer friendly, polite and know all things Popcorn. I wish they have a Popcorn place like this in the UK. The variety of popcorn is beyond more
Janice Morgan
04:01 12 Dec 18
The young lady that helped us was pleasant and energetic. She did not mind helping us find the right flavor of popcorn. We settled on Bacon and Cheddar, which tasted much better than you might imagine. A great place because they have the right more
Calvin Thomas
01:50 10 Dec 18
I discovered this gem leaving the Albanes Candy Factory. I walked in and was greeted right away by ALL of the staff. They walked me through the different flavors (over 200), offered samples and even made suggestions for my purchase. I will be more
Dee Dotson
14:24 01 Dec 18
Popcorn Popcorn, and more Popcorn. Whether you are a movie theater butter lover, or a caramel corn addict... They WILL have a flavor to amaze your taste buds. First visit and will now become a tradition to stop by when in the area. They had friendly helpful staff that let you sample any flavor and are good at recommending more
04:45 12 Nov 18
The last time I was here the girl that helped us was great. She struck up conversation with my daughters and was playful. She was funny and very helpful. She didn't mind that we wanted to try a lot of different popcorn. It was an enjoyable more
Keri Linskens
03:11 25 Oct 18
I'm a popcorn lover from Chicago living in Orlando, Fl and since there isn't any good popcorn spots here I always order mine to be shipped to me. I ordered the Indiana mix and the Hot cheddar and it arrived in 3 days super fresh and super yummy. I highly recommend this more
Katrina Wilson
19:09 01 Oct 18
This place is awesome...they have popcorn flavors that I would never even think of, on both sweet and savory sides. The staff is extremely accommodating and you can taste as many flavors as you want. These are some hard-working folks, and they make a delicious product. I have never been anything but satisfied with the popcorn from here. There are two reasons for 4 stars: the popcorn seems a little pricy (yes, I know service is a part of the cost). The other reason is that the frequent-buyer program seems a little off balance. After so many visits, you get free popcorn. I don't go every week, but when I go I buy a LOT. It doesn't seem reasonable that the person who goes daily and spends $3 will get rewarded more quickly than someone going every couple of weeks and spending $75. I have not yet received my frequent-buyer reward, so maybe I am not understanding, and I realize a business does not even have to offer a frequent-buyer incentive, but still. At any rate, incredible popcorn, pleasant and helpful staff! Go and experience the deliciousness, you won't be more
Nancy Coleman
22:31 22 Jul 18