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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Trysh, from Trysh Jaeger Photography, is a super talented wedding professional and one of the hardest working women in our field.  I love her! I love her work.  Check out what Trysh has to say about wedding photography and how to choose a photographer for your wedding.

– Trysh

Choosing a wedding photographer can be one of the most difficult tasks of planning a wedding. Where do you start? How do you know the difference? Does a higher price always mean better?

In choosing a photographer there are a few things you should consider:

  1. Referrals from family & friends. Find people that rave about their photographer and ask them to see ALL of their wedding photos.  The most important comment you should listen for is “our photographer kept us organized all day” and “we absolutely love our photos”.
  2. We’ve all heard the sad story from someone that had a photographer that missed or lost their photos. Don’t let that be you! Ask your photographer what kind of backup equipment they have and how they store their images. Go over a complete list of MUST HAVE photos with a reasonable timeline so there is no chance of missing photos.
  3. Price. This is the hard part. Wedding photographers range in price from $500 to $10,000. According to Wedding Wire, the average cost of a wedding photographer is between $1200 – $3000. Ask yourself, “Do you want AVERAGE wedding photos?” Price in wedding photographers are based on so many things – experience, equipment, time invested, editing, products, engagement photos, second shooters, insurance, taxes, etc. Although I respect the side hustle; my best advice is to hire a photographer that is running a legit business and read all the reviews that you can about them. Plan to spend 15% of your wedding budget on a great photographer, you won’t be sorry!
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. “I see you advertise as being a natural light photographer. What do you do for night shots or reception lighting?” or “My parents are divorced. How can I make family pictures not awkward for everyone?” Also, ask to see a full wedding and multiple albums, not just the “pretty” pictures they post on social media.
  5. Set multiple meetings and meet different photographers. Find someone you “click” with – personality and style. You are going to spend the most important day of your life together. Make sure they really care about you and your wedding vision.
  6. After the wedding is over, your pictures are what you will have to remember the day.  I also always recommend getting a wedding album included in your wedding package. Your wedding album will actually INCREASE in value as time goes on because you will have photos of loved ones and special moments that may not always be here.

Best wishes on your wedding planning!

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